Saturday, October 14, 2017

Our Neighborhoods - Beaver - as Ritual Ready

Local to Aaron, on the main run of the quaint little village of Beaver you'll find, Witch Flavor. The theme isn't subtle, given the spelling of the name. They leverage a common mind-control device, the homophone. Those who know nothing of witchcraft may consider this to be clever and cute, with a traditional witch hat turned upside down to make it look like an ice cream cone. Those who practice the dark arts would recognize the familiar imagery that says there is more going on than merely innocent fun. This all starts with the nature of their business. Ice cream, from the milk of cows. Hathor, the dairy queen, and celestial goddess. The spiral theme makes it undeniable, with 6 spirals adorning the sign graphic. This exalts the goddess of magic, the celestial goddess. The spiral is inspired by the Fibonacci numbers generated as Venus traces out the hearts and roses in the heavens.

Occultists accept that her celestial throne is established by the circle crossing action of the hat against the sun and the x-implying W at the edge. W - for AWA, and Wiccan. Without the question mark, there are 11 letters in the sign, a goddess number (pillar-stargate - and womb/fertility). The store scores again with the crossing circle instance supplied by their version of the open sign.

There is a triple scoop of ice cream in the hat, signaling the triple goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. If you're not reminded of Katy Perry's music video, This is How We Do, you may have missed our Pizzagate series because a black magick triple scooper was seen contributing to Pizza Slosher's foul collection.

Aaron took this photo, and he captured an important feature in the reflection in the window. There's a clock tower in the park, covering a large dedicated bell. We've written much about the bell, and how it's used by the priests and priestesses who perform magick ritual, and we've written much about clock towers.

Sodomy imagery abounds, but let's focus on the featuring of the practice of the dark arts. The slogan on the window reads, Fly Home Happy. This nearly matches the numerology of their address. 688, compared to 588. The reference is to witches flying on their broomsticks, of course. This is more than just a fanciful tradition. There are hedge witches, and flight between the realms is a reality, and astral traveling is too. This involved entheogenics of specific kinds, ointments for flying spells. Mercury (the 88 signal) /Hermes (wing-helmeted and footed) had a magic wand (caduceus) used for eye-mazing or hypnosis. He was conflated with Anubis and also with Thoth, the Egyptian god of magick, who taught Isis. Like the hedge witch, the god associated with 88 traversed the realms.

Do you understand the role of the broomstick? It's the drug applicator of choice for the closet witch. Every household had a broom, so this was not only on hand but also discrete, raising no suspicion when family and neighbors snooped around looking for incriminating evidence. The drugs were best absorbed through the tissues in the vagina and anus, and the ointment was applied to the broomstick and the broomstick to the private parts. See these articles, What's the deal with witches and broomsticks?, and, An interview of (Rev.) Hazel L’Aura G / Joy Juice and Witches. Fly Home Happy, on the joy juice.

This has been promoted in our popular study titled, Pharmaceuticals, the Sorceries of Babylon. It's the pharmakeia or drug spells of Mystery Babylon, as described in the Bible.

On the other side of the clock and bell tower, there are a couple of related businesses. On the door of the Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy is their slogan, "Dedicated to a Healthy Beaver." Get it? Maybe you missed our other posts about Beaver, okay. Beaver, slang for vagina. You're thinking, maybe they are specialists in supporting the local community of OB/GYN professionals, right? But, no. They seem to be in the practice of the dark arts of pharmakeia in honoring the gods and goddesses of magic. Mortar and pestle. Still the essential instruments for practicing witches. See the poster in the window, from the Google Street view, 2016. Coventry. COVEN-try. A witch's coven. The Rx is casually recognized as an innocent symbol for prescriptions, yet it's the ancient mark of Jupiter, of Horus, the eye of Horus. This mark is equivalent to IC as numerological 93, and IC interprets to EYE SEE - the all-seeing Eye of Horus. Set inside the circles, this is another X O or crossing of the circles that establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. Pharmakeia. The deceiving and seductive spells of the Whore of Babylon.

Today, right next door is more pharmakeia of the donuts and coffee franchise kind. Yummy. Peace, Love and Little Donuts. The peace sign is the broken cross, an inverted cross, broken, which is a swipe at the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation through His work. More than just a swipe, however, there is ritual energy behind it, magickal, demonic, a form of pharmakeia. The heart love is HATER (anagram of heart) influence and the donut is the anus, as in the prison slang. Little, because of pedophilia.

You might wonder if there's pizza served in the area. I think there are three in that little stretch of road. Yes, it's fitting.

Some will read this post and laugh as though this were all written for the sake of entertainment, or that our insane imaginations get the best of us. If you're actually paying attention, you know better, that, while there is that in our world which is simply innocent, there is also that which is not at all innocent but rather makes victims of the naive. If you see with more understanding what goes on in your neighborhood, and take the signs seriously, you have gained wisdom and a higher degree of freedom.

Pray. Read the Bible and believe it. Life is spiritual. There is evil, and there is good. Great evil, and great good. There is a war going on that is not of our choosing, and, like it or not, we are all participants. If you want to see victory, learn the beauty of submission. Humble yourself before the Creator and learn His ways. The reward will endure!

Olympics, Halloween - Observations on the Ritual Season

On the Pagan/Satanic calendar, we're entering another high ritual season. Attending this, is the leading up to another Olympics, in South Korea. Tension is high about attending the games, because of threats made by neighboring North Korea. Tension-fear-energy harvesting for Satan. On Halloween, a witches high sabbath, the flaming torch will be passed from Greece to South Korea, marking the start of their national torch-bearing ritual. Check out the SRA ritual calendar. Preparations already began as of yesterday, which was already a special sabbath because it was a Friday the 13th. These rituals do matter, and your prayers matter.

The Olympic flame torch lighting ceremony is scheduled in ten days, on the 24th of October. It is a Luciferian illumination ceremony dedicated to Apollo by the priestesses (who are not just actresses) at the temple of Hera. Hera, goddess, wife of Zeus (aka Satan). The torch always makes the rounds in Greece before it's passed on to the host country. This year the hand off is on HALLOWEEN/Samhain.

24 October 2017 in Greece, starting with the traditional flame-lighting ceremony in Olympia.

“The slogan of the Olympic Torch Relay - ‘Let Everyone Shine’ - means the Olympic flame is never extinguished and sheds light on the dreams, passion, and future of everyone, anytime, and anywhere. It describes the Olympic Torch Relay of PyeongChang 2018, where light will shine on the potential of everyone and open new horizons.
Coinciding with 100 days to go on November 1st, and following the lighting of the flame in Olympia, Greece on October 24th, the torch will be handed over to the PyeongChang 2018 Organizing Committee on October 31st. The torch will travel to 17 metropolitan cities and provinces nationwide for 101 days, highlighting Korea’s leading IT technologies, traditional culture, and most spectacular sites to the world. The Olympic Torch will bring excitement to the whole country as communities come out to celebrate the special torchbearers that will carry the torch. The final torchbearer who will light the Olympic cauldron will only be revealed on February 9, the day of the opening ceremony for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, and the cauldron will shed light on the events of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games for 17 days.”

You understand about the torch and the goddess? Sophia, Lady Liberty/Isis, etc? See Our Lady of the Olympics for more.

Since 2008 (Beijing - and the London Ceremonies), we've given a lot of attention to the rituals performed in connection with the Olympics and Paralympics, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. Those in 2012 were especially significant, and are in no small part responsible for the skewing of time that finds us where we are now, still awaiting the pending time reset.

Yesterday is coming.