Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Dramatic Hag haMatzot OUTATIME Signs

In the previous post I mentioned a pair of time signs that came on the first day of Hag haMatzot, indicating that I planned to give special attention to the last day of the feast to see if it, too, would be specially marked. It was! This is really exciting, even though the nature of the sign certainly tempers the excitement, from a practical perspective.

The first and last days of the feast are the high holy days. The last day, on the 21st day of the 1st month, is an anniversary of the Bride Theft, which is very much at the center of our hope! This year, the high days of the 15th and 21st fell on April 13th and 19th, beginning at sunset on the days before. Here's how the signs appeared, and what they mean to us.

On the first day of the feast I had my car in the shop. While the work was being done, I took the opportunity to go for a walk around the neighborhood. On my way back, not far from the shop I saw this car with the licence plate from the time machine in Back to the Future. OUTATIME. In Pennsylvania, only one licence plate is required, on the back, so you can do whatever you want with the front. I took this picture because, hey, who knows - it might be important to log the event.

I usually walk around my own neighborhood in the afternoon, and with that productive season of the day where I worked on video production already spent, I went for a second walk. I usually walk down the alley past the Warp Zone and return the same way, because that's how to get to the steep inclines nearby, an important part of my regular "fresh air and exercise" routine. On the alley sometimes dogs are outside, which bark like crazy, and being the case on my way out, my return was via the sidewalk on the next street over. As I neared the corner I was passed by a car hauler, which made the turn, and as I rounded the corner I could see it had pulled up in front of the Warp Zone. This was either the same truck I wrote about in another post (SIGNS: Warp Zone + Past 2 Present) with a few small changes, or one from the same fleet. Past2Present. Parked in front of the Warp Zone, where the motto reads, "Where Past Meets Present." So, I took this picture, knowing that, at this point, here was another set of time signs. Right - on returning from two walks and spotting two vehicles marked with 2 significant labels. When I understood that a post to the blog was called for, it was with the insight that it happened on the 1st day of the Feast.

Another time sign came on the last day of the Feast, but I didn't recognize it until this morning, a day later. A familiar metaphor was involved, one that I've been very focused on in my work on the Great Pyramid video series and also in my responsibility as a US citizen. Time is Money. Money is time, metaphorically. Income tax payments were due on April 18, and we just managed to cover it, but not without some sacrifice. In the bigger picture, we're actually at a deficit and the funds to cover the other bills coming due - well - we're out of money, which to say, OUTATIME. It's apparent to us that this is a time sign that marked the last day of the Feast, and beyond the strong impression in the spirit, here's some of the reasons why.

As usual, none of this was planned or thought out with regard to the schedule, it's just how things happen. The mail comes late to my apartment, so on the 19th, I waited until dinner time to see if a check might arrive, or if a sizable donation would come through PayPal. Nothing. So I called Aaron to pray about the situation, which we did. He had perceived a head's up in advance and therefore had some reserve funds, so he was going to put a check in the mail this morning, which will hopefully arrive in time for me to deposit enough to offset when rent is automatically debited. He called me this morning to let me know that the Lord engaged him again on the matter when he woke up, so he was changing the amount accordingly. He said that the familiar way he was engaged was notable, with the time showing on the clock when he was engaged being highlighted. On the phone, I shared with him how, while I was getting up and around, the Lord had been indicating to me that being out of money was a time sign, and that it marked the close of the Feast, bracketing it together with the OUTATIME sign.

I note that, in Back to the Future, when we first see the iconic Delorean with its California vanity plate, OUTATIME, it's on a car hauler. The signs of the first day of the Feast are obviously connected. Given the context, so is the sign of the last day. Vehicles sometimes represent ministries, in dreams and signs.

Here's some other points of special interest that have to do with context. After some time out in previous weeks dedicated to preparing and filing my 2016 tax returns, my attention returned more fully to the Great Pyramid video series. In this next installment, I'm sharing some insight the Lord gave me about the pyramid on the Great Seal of the US, which appears on the one dollar bill. The main insight has to do with how the pyramid is actually presented there as a time weapon of the gods, and one of the supporting layers leverages the metaphor of money-as-time. In showing how the god of the Federal Reserve and Federal government is specifically identified in its classical iconography as Jupiter, I expand a little on the context to emphasize the fact that the foundation of this country was not done in compliance with the direction given to believers in Romans 13. As part of my process, I had the first 7 verses of the chapter pasted into my document, and this block of text had been considered and shuffled around for days, up until late in the day yesterday when I finally got to the point where I integrated the relevant part into the script.

Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor. ~ Romans 13:7

Relevant? It could hardly be more relevant, because it was in the paying of tax to whom tax was due on time that we are OUTAMONEY.

So, the Feast was marked with these rather dramatic time signs, and I have to say that the most dramatic sign marked the last day, the anniversary of the Bride Theft. What do we make of it? First, I have to say that being unfunded is not what I would choose, whether it's a sign or not a sign, and I must also confess that neither Aaron nor myself would have the sense to choose anything that's truly good. But the Lord is good, truly good, and everything depends on Him, not me or Aaron. We can all take great comfort in that. We rejoice in knowing that the Lord continues to engage us in this work, prospering it in ways that are pleasing to Him and that we know will produce a maximum yield in His Harvest Field - to His glory!

Me: “But Lord, is this kind of drama really necessary?”
Him: “Yes.”
Me: “Really? Okay.”

Very recently, The Bride Theft, was the subject of another video in the series Aaron and I have been producing and publishing, with mp3 of the soundtrack. It just happened to be uploaded on the 1st day of the 1st month of this new year on the Lord's calendar. With the marking of the anniversary of the Bride Theft with OUTAMONEY, matching to OUTATIME, a statement appears to be made about time having run out. Because of our hope of being found worthy of inclusion in the Bride company, and our knowledge that the Bride's time in this body of flesh will end in that resurrection/transformation event, we take this season's timely time signs as real encouragement! Without more insight, we have nothing to add to that observation, no conclusion to offer about any further interpretation. With the Lord's help, we'll keep watching until we're done. We know there's a reset of time coming, and this is constantly being emphasized to us with time signs like this distinctive "Back to the Future" (which depends upon first returning back to the past) sign, but when it will be, well, we just know that we don't know.

In closing, some commentary is called for. If the Lord is tugging on your holy spirit and you're not just responding to learning of our need with what amounts to your natural compassion, and there is a big difference, please pray about the Lord's intended provision for us and for everyone who supports us with prayer and encouragement and funding. If the Lord does so inspire, pray also for our health and strength to endure and for the protection of all we have been given the responsibility to steward. We do so appreciate our supporters, who support this work and us, the workers, and we know that the Lord blesses what is truly done in obedience to Him, which is the sincere expression of love for Him.

Blessings in Y'shua!

Bob (and Aaron)